New Series – Stressed Out


As we turn the corner and head into what is, most likely, a very busy season for all of us, I wanted to put two things on your radar:

(1) A New Series 

While it’s true that December brings a lot of great things (Christmas music, Christmas decorations, additional family time, giving and receiving gifts, family traditions), December can also bring something else…stress.

For you and I, the added stress usually comes in the form of longer lines at the cash register, traffic, or hosting parties. For Middle and High School students, stress that is experienced (and heightened) at this time of year usually comes from one of two sources: end of the nine weeks pressure and difficult family situations that seem to be highlighted around the holidays.

This week, we are launching a two week series that we are calling, “Stressed Out.” During “Stressed Out,” students will learn that (1) God cares about our stressful times and wants us to turn to Him during those times and (2) God wants us to trust Him with the outcomes of the very situations that are causing us stress.

(2) A Very Important Meeting

As you probably know by now, Journey will be moving into our NEW CAMPUS soon (Grand Opening – Feb 5, 2017)!! This is an incredible exciting time for every member of the Journey family!

This new campus will give us a lot of new and exciting opportunities to reach more middle and high school students, and then inspire and equip them to develop a faith of their own.

On December 11 at 12:15pm we will be hosting a thirty minute ALL PARENT MEETING in the Forum (if you are unsure where this is, please head to the Check-In desk area). During this meeting, we will cover several very important topics: (1) new Transit and InsideOut times (2) 2017 Calendar for camps, events, etc and (3) the future of the Student Impact team.

Please make plans to be at this meeting, and if I haven’t had a chance to meet you in person yet, I would love to meet you after the meeting!

Please let me know if there is anything that I (or the Student Ministry team) can do to better partner with you and your family!

Bo Ayers
Student Ministries Director