Parent Meeting Notes

Below you will find the various talking points and notes from the Dec 11, 2017 Parent Meeting. This meeting was heavily focused on what Transit/InsideOut will look like after Journey Christian Church moves to their new home at 3700 Price Club Blvd on Feb 5, 2017.

New Student Ministry Times

Beginning Feb 5, both Transit and InsideOut will be moving to Sunday afternoons. The times for both environments are shown below:


2:30p – 3:00p | Transit Drop-off

3:00p – 4:05p | Transit

4:05 – 4:30p | Transit PickUp


4:00p – 4:30p | InsideOut Drop-off

4:30p – 6:00p | InsideOut

6:00p | InsideOut PickUp

Also beginning on Feb 5, there will be a new space that we have created that we are calling, “The Attic.” The Attic will be a place for families that have both a middle and high school student, and wish to drop off both student before Transit and pickup both students after InsideOut. Note: In order to use this space, a parent must agree to serve in the space when they are scheduled (frequency of serving will depend on how many other families are using the Attic. For example, if five families sign up, you will need to serve every fifth Sunday etc). Please sign-up for the attic here:

Student Impact Program

In order to: (1) Create safe environments for those in WaumbaLand and Upstreet (2) Create healthy environments for the Student Impacts to learn and develop in and (3) Create opportunities to partner with each parent we are “relaunching” the Student Impact Program.

The relaunch of the Student Impact Program will happen on Feb 5. If your student would like to be considered to be a Student Impact, they MUSt complete an application. The applications can be found at: (for Transit students) or (for InsideOut students).

If you have any questions regarding the Student Impact program, please email or

Parent Serving Opportunities

We are in need of several volunteers to fill some keys roles in Student Ministry. If you have ever even considered serving and any of the below positions grab your attention, please let us know by giving us some basic information so that we can start a conversation with you (you are not committing to anything by doing so): (if you would like to volunteer in our Middle School environment) or (if you’d like to volunteer in our High School environment).

2017 Calendar

We love anytime that we can get the students together outside of a Sunday environment. These opportunities create community that ultimately lead to better Large Group and Small Group experiences on Sundays. Follow the links below for a full list of 2017 dates for both Transit and InsideOut.

Transit 2017 Calendar:

InsideOut 2017 Calendar: